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We found this command on enterprise switches tha allow you to send an aseptic copy of the traffic passing on a switch port. You can receive this “debug copy” on a passive port or remotely to a network analyzer A network administrator configures the port mirror in many situations, including: Troubleshooting network issues Passive network probing Intrusion detection system MPLS …

Nortel-BayStack paleo-recovery Password

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If you have an old old (old) switch Nortel Baystack 350/450 and you would reset him to make your traffic go around in the past century, do this trick to reset the configuration. These old switches do not have a factory-default function but a BackDoor password to access console CLI: “NetICs” very funny! .glitchlist crew

SWITCH VCT – Virtual Cable Test

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if you don’t have a CableIQ qualification Tester you can use VCT to determine cable quality or detect problems on your LAN. Like an OTDR for fiber, VCT uses TDR technology to detect cable problems by analyzing the returning pulse signal on every pin of RG45. Latest version on most switches have this utility embedded on the firmware. If everything …

IRF – Intelligent Resilient Framework

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Developed by 3Com under code name XRN in 2003, became IRF after 3Com (H3C) was purchased by HP. Like Cisco VSS act as virtualization technology that a provide an unified management and a non-stop maintenance of the network. You can find the full history here Only same series devices can form an IRF, including: HPE FlexNetwork HSR6800 Router Series HPE …