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Here a nice comparison of how a cyberattack could affect the victim’s lives! Let’s try to understand the feeling of being a victim to this. Imagine you go to sleep at night in your nice, cozy, safe, warm bed and sleep peacefully through the night. You wake up, walk into the bathroom, use the toilet, and when you look in …

TeamViewer under attack

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According to FireEye report: “APT41 is unique among tracked China-based actors in that it leverages non-public malware typically reserved for espionage operations in what appears to be activity that falls outside the scope of state-sponsored missions. Based on early observed activity, consistent behavior, and APT41’s unusual focus on the video game industry, we believe the group’s cyber crime activities are …

FTCODE Ransomware

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Caution! In these last days, especially in Italy, a ransomware campaign is activated and conveyed by certified mail. Stay away from these domains: Powershell file analyze: il malware provvede a scaricare un file powershell leggermente offuscato del quale rendiamo disponibile una copia decodificata ai fini di ricerca. Hope this help! .glitchlist crew

WebRTC Leak issue

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Web Real-Time Communication aka WebRTC is an API that provides web browsers, IoT devices or mobile apps to talk to each other in peer-to-peer mode. Is mainly used in streaming and realtime environment. To work, this API needs to communicate to its peers the real IP address of the machine. A possible attacker could then discover details of your local …

Securing OSPFv2

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OSPF is a king routing protocol that speaks on Multicast addresses and Once the neighborhood relationship is installed and LSAs are exchanged, the SPF algorithm starts running. If the new OSPF peer is a malicious router it can cause a lot of damage to your routing table such as: Network congestions Dos attacks Loops LSA flooding and why …