Cisco Catalyst StackPower

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if you want to have a complete redundancy even from an electrical point of view, Cisco offers the StackPower solution (XPS). StackPower share the power supplies to all slots of a Cisco StackWise. In this example we create two PowerStack in a StackWise of 5. Below the configuration: Troubleshooting: Bye! .glitchlist crew

Free inodes in Squid3

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if you use a large cache maybe you can experience squid process crash because you running-out of inodes. Index node or inode is a table that contain meta data of all achived files in a linux filesystem such as file size, owner and group membership, permissions, date of last modification or creation and so on. to troubleshooting type: if the …

Zabbix Api

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One of the powerful functionality of Zabbix Monitoring System is the use of Rest API for interacting with the frontend You can create/delete/update an host and modifying a lot of parameters using , for example, a python script for automating some task and procedure. First of all you have to verify that a API is full operational on your frontend. …

Arista Security Advisory 0041

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Yesterday (2019-06-26) Arista announced a security advisory for a kernel problem on multi platform device that run those SW version : EOS 4.22.0F 4.21.6M and below 4.20.13M and below 4.19.12M and below 4.18.11M and below The currently end of support code trains (4.17 and below) CloudVision: CVP: 2018.2.4 and below CVA: 2.1.1 and below MOS (Metamako OS): 0.21.0 and below …

ARISTA – Install and activate an extension

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With Arista switch it’s possible that you need to install an extension for fix some bug or for use some extra functionality. Follow those simple steps for activating an extension : Move a swix file to switch under a vrf : Install an extension : Verify the state of extension : Copy the extension on boot sector

Microsoft SCCM behind a Firewall

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following, ports set to enable the SCCM traffic behind a firewall. Server SCCM to Clients RPC TCP/135UDP/135 HTTP TCP/80TCP/8530 HTTPS TCP/443 RDP TCP/3389 REMOTE CTRL TCP-UDP/2701TCP-UDP/2702 SAMBA TCP/139 SMB TCP/445 CLIENT NOTIFY TCP/10123 Server to Server SCCM Traffic RPC TCP/135 UDP/135 HTTP TCP/80TCP/8530 SAMBA TCP/139 SMB TCP/445 KERBEROS TCP-UDP/88TCP-UDP/464 LDAP TCP/389UDP/389 LDAP GC TCP/3268 LDAP GC SSL TCP/3269 LDAP SSL …