FortiGate – session clearing via CLI

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Quick Tip: to reset a specific session we can use the diag sys session clear command: type diagnose sys session filter clear for clearing all previously filters. 2. choose between all these options: diagnose sys session filter ? vd Index of virtual domain. -1 matches all. sintf Source interface. dintf Destination interface. src Source IP address. nsrc NAT’d source ip …

HUAWEI AP Firmware Rollback with AC Controller

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Sometimes AP hardware & software upgrades run faster than Wireless Controllers. In a few years, APs quickly go out of production. It may happen that you find yourself installing new generation access points on Controllers with obsolete firmware. The best solution is to plan a firmware upgrade but you can’t schedule it in 5 minutes. An incorrect firmware or patch …


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Here a nice comparison of how a cyberattack could affect the victim’s lives! Let’s try to understand the feeling of being a victim to this. Imagine you go to sleep at night in your nice, cozy, safe, warm bed and sleep peacefully through the night. You wake up, walk into the bathroom, use the toilet, and when you look in …

Huawei – Physical decoding errors

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When you have a strange network problem on a fiber uplink you may experience this output in display interface command: The error Symbols: 529186 generate link flappings many times a day. Ethernet RFCs describe how to place an L2 frame in the physical layer (L1), 8B/10B encoding process takes 8bit of Media Access Control Layer and converts it in a …

cat & compressed files

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In a NOC/SOC environment you have to frequently deal with gigantic log files. These huge logs (composed of simple text lines), if compressed, can be reduced up to 10 times their size, so we will find them on our syslog in compressed formats (zip, gz, tar). When you need to do troubleshooting it is unthinkable to have to unzip all …

Mikrotik CHR Crash under VirtualBox

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On some Linux distribution Mikrotik CHR hosted by VirtualBox 6.0 can crash and reboot mysteriously. On console may appear this message: Workaround: Access on VirtualBox Network Settings For all adapters of Mikrotik CHR choose PCnet-FAST III (Am79C973) as virtual adapter. Start VM and check! bye .glitchlist crew

VirtualBox 6.0.14 on UBUNTU 18.04 LTS

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Hi folks, today I propose you a quick resolution on a VirtualBox problem. After a fresh new installation you may experience this problem: VMs not start because error rc=1908 ( Kernel driver not installed) show up! quick fix: DKMS is Dynamic Kernel Module Support that generate for you kernel drivers. go virtual! bye .glitchlist crew