Arista Security Advisory 0041

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Yesterday (2019-06-26) Arista announced a security advisory for a kernel problem on multi platform device that run those SW version : EOS 4.22.0F 4.21.6M and below 4.20.13M and below 4.19.12M and below 4.18.11M and below The currently end of support code trains (4.17 and below) CloudVision: CVP: 2018.2.4 and below CVA: 2.1.1 and below MOS (Metamako OS): 0.21.0 and below …

ARISTA – Install and activate an extension

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With Arista switch it’s possible that you need to install an extension for fix some bug or for use some extra functionality. Follow those simple steps for activating an extension : Move a swix file to switch under a vrf : Install an extension : Verify the state of extension : Copy the extension on boot sector

Microsoft SCCM behind a Firewall

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following, ports set to enable the SCCM traffic behind a firewall. Server SCCM to Clients RPC TCP/135UDP/135 HTTP TCP/80TCP/8530 HTTPS TCP/443 RDP TCP/3389 REMOTE CTRL TCP-UDP/2701TCP-UDP/2702 SAMBA TCP/139 SMB TCP/445 CLIENT NOTIFY TCP/10123 Server to Server SCCM Traffic RPC TCP/135 UDP/135 HTTP TCP/80TCP/8530 SAMBA TCP/139 SMB TCP/445 KERBEROS TCP-UDP/88TCP-UDP/464 LDAP TCP/389UDP/389 LDAP GC TCP/3268 LDAP GC SSL TCP/3269 LDAP SSL …

BGP routes leak. Why?

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Yesterday, 20190624, a routes leak hit majors Internet player like Cloudflare, Verizon and Amazon AWS that were obfuscated by a network outage. An impressive recon and report were made by CloudFlare that early detect the problem and helped AS33154 to solve the problem. You can find the complete report here. But what happened? Briefly, it seems that a BGP protocol …

Backspace and Telnet

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Sometimes old devices (or new devices with old firmware) have troubles with Backspace Key in Telnet/SSH CLI. The best-recommended solution is Disable Telnet! Enable SSH! and Install SecureCRT! Alternatively, to delete some command in CLI press CTRL+BACKSPACE or CTRL+H .glitchlist crew

Cisco 3750X & VMware

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If you have to connect VMware server to a Cisco 3750X Stack via Port-Channel consider this: In Cisco, the default PVID is 1 In a Cisco trunk the PVID pass untagged VMware virtual switch tag VLAN 1 on a trunk Default channel-group is EtherChannel So if you pass many VLAN (id. 1 included) on a trunk interface this is the …

Routers diagnostics

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to make a complete deep diagnosis of your router one of the most complete tools is: Sometimes the generated file is asked by vendors when you open a Cisco TAC or a Huawei CASE. The output of these commands is very large so on Huawei you can add the filename option and export the file via TFTP, while for Cisco, …